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De la riva hook sweep

de la riva hook sweep

De La Riva also remembers the original bad boy Wallid Ismail walking in as a young blue belt from an affiliate academy; He always had a temper and internet sweepstakes cafe los angeles would fight like crazy.
Heres what he showed us, and well go through each one of them!
Some Notable De La Riva Guard Players.4: He places his left hand on the ground and sit up into Boca causing him to fall backwards.4: De la Riva places his other foot on the ground and shifts his hip away from Boca and kicks his hook straight up to sweep him.The eighties turned out to be high watermark for the Carlson Gracie team producing many of the famous champions among the more then 100 black belts promoted by Carlson.The Basic de la Riva Sweep.3: He kicks his right leg up and lifts his hips to raise Bocas leg 4: and now switches legs, placing his left foot under Bocas thigh, grabbing the leg and sleeve, and sweeps Boca to his right 5: He follows Boca and gains cross.The young de la Riva helped teach classes as a blue belt, and within six years Carlson awarded him his black belt.This occurred at the.
Don Whitefield is the head instructor at West Coast Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, located in Maple Ridge, BC ( m ).3: He places his other foot on Bocas knee and grabs his far sleeve with both hands 4: straightens his hooking leg, pushes on Bocas knee with the other foot and pulls on his sleeve to get the sweep 5: De la Riva swims under.Technique 2: reverse DE LA riva sweep 1: De la Riva starts the sweep by controlling Bocas sleeves and inserting his hook behind Bocas knee.De la Riva still remembers well the extremely proud and competitive training atmosphere of the training at the legendary Carlson academy.We're going to start this sequence from the closed guard.Videos of the De La Riva Guard Being Utilized 3 Basic Sweeps from De La Riva: Armbar from De La Riva, omoplata and Triangle from De La Riva.Nobody could have imagined the impact this skinny 15 year old kid would have on the jiu-jitsu world, when he walked into one of Carlson Gracies affiliate schools in Copacabana and started training under the then brown belt Marcus Soares.