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In Trigun, Vash is almost a foot taller than Meryl and has to really bow down when he win free makeover wants to hug her, especially in the manga.
Both the Kings and Queens of Homestuck gain power and change shape as players join their game.
Possibly Nessa and Tulkas.
As mentioned above, on Persona 4, there is Kanji, the tallest member of the Investigation Team, and Nao to, the shortest.In The War Gods, Leanna is unusually tall for this trope, being over six feet tall.In ElfQuest Dewshine/Tyldak display this trope.Films Live Action Blade.Romantic example with Pip and Seras at least in the OAV, where he (and the other wild Geese mercs) is drawn significantly taller than Seras.There are thousand of pictures with them in human, anime forms, in which Flippy is drawn at least One Head Taller than Flaky.However, Kurt is the more feminine of the two, which creates a general expectation that if anything, Blaine should be taller than Kurt.
Billy Corgan (6'4 and Tila Tequila (4'11.
Meanwhile, his constant companion Yachiru (109 cm/3'7 is a (seemingly) sweet little girl.
There's also Monaco, who is shorter than one of the younger characters, Liechtenstein.While Reinhold in Dominic Deegan isn't exactly huge for a human knight, Kiya is probably one of the lightest orcs ever seen.Wright 's War of the Dreaming, half-titan Raven is married to the very, very petite Wendy.There is also Eiji's older sister Julia and Big Bad Ru-Kain; she's of normal height, maybe slightly taller than average even, but he's massive and sometimes he's drawn even bigger than he actually.Though not canon in any sense, bionicle fans tend to pair up Toa Hewkii and Macku.Another platonic example (and a very unusual one) is Tiatkin and the war droid Giza from the Star Wars oneshot comic Lando's Commandos: On Eagle's Wings.Lexaeus is easily the largest humanoid character in the series, while Zexion is only slightly taller than the teenaged characters.Emperor Dornkirk invokes an image of Van's Escaflowne being guided by Hitomi's prophetic abilities to take over the world in one of his visions.Pixies Joe Beck's spine is double the length of Michelle Meyers he towers multiple heads over her.