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Home run contest records

home run contest records

Although Sin2324 deleted his channel and disappeared from the internet years ago, his world record videos have been archived by other fans, and Typo's still trying to beat many of them.
Typo has managed to beat several of these records since returning to the HRC grind.
For Wii U edit 100 meters/328 feet as solo Charizard with no bat: Rock Hurl (custom move) 320 meters/1,049 feet as solo Peach : Title/Ending (Super Mario World) music Between 500 and 505 meters/1,640 and 1,656 feet: Wonder-Green trophy Between 500 and 505 meters/1,640 and.If only the second (stronger) hit connects, the move does 31 damage and only outperforms the Home-Run Bat at an upper bound of 267 and a lower bound of 198.Game Watch can take advantage of their unique swing animations to perform a no-ping hit simply by walking next to the bag, facing away, and swinging.He didn't have that much free time again until 2015, after completing his undergraduate degree.Melee has 25 characters, each with their own theoretical world records for hitting the sandbag a certain distance.The shield is breakable after being struck enough times or with sufficient force, but it greatly lowers the difficulty of bringing Sandbag's damage.Typo explained to us that the sandbag "goes farther when you hit it with the tip.Players must use all three of the character's smashes (forward, up and down).
Eruption (Stage 8) 208 upper bound.5 Ike's Eruption reaches Stage 8 when released 1 frame before becoming fully charged.The total distance is now shown with Global Smash Power.Additionally, the Home-Run Bat sports its own unique Smash attack animations, allowing Captain Falcon and Sheik to properly use it for the contest.Since Brawl' s lifetime, with the advent of the barrier, three additional subcategories have been created and become quite popular, in chronological order: NSA: No Shield Allowed.Major sources of randomness are removed: Luigi's Green Missile can never misfire.However, due to the large thirty one gift certificate template technique changes from game to game, most notably the introduction of the barrier and multiple bat drops in one jump in Brawl, there is very little player overlap between games.For example if a move is listed as outperforming the Home-Run swing after "100 papa johns 2 pizza promo code - 200 the Home-Run swing is confirmed to be better at 99 or lower, and the other move is confirmed to be better at 200 or higher, but it is not.