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How to find discount rate of annuity

how to find discount rate of annuity

Discount rate DR pr, dR, the discount amount for the dress is 100.
Solution: Principal amount p 50000 dollars Interest rate r 20 Discount rate DR pr DR 50000 x frac20100 in 2000th year 10000 Discount rate DR 1000 dollars in 2000th year.
The discount amount is 15000 dollars.Discount Rate Definition, back to Top, discount Rate is the cost of the total amount generally less than its original value is called.Discount Rate Formula, back to Top, formula of the Discount Rate is: Discount rate DR pr where, p principal amount r interest rate.That dress rate was 1000 at 10 discount.Loss Discount rate in 2004th year - Discount rate in 2000th year 150ollars Kalvin 5000 dollars losses in that land.Question 2: Kalvin purchased land for 50000 dollars at 20 in 2000th year.Back to Top, discount rate is one of the simple ways to increase the customers of particular product.How to Calculate Discount Rate?
The number of years your investment will generate payments at your specified return.
What is Discount Rate?
The discount is referred to the reduction in the price of some commodity or service.In short, the discount can serve as raffles hotel mooncakes promotion 2017 a way to attract customers for a particular item or service.It may anywhere appear in the distribution channel in the form of modifications in marked price (printed on the item) or in retail price (set by retailer usually by pasting a sticker on the item) or in list price "d for the buyer).This is called the define discount rate.And then ricky how many dollars give to cashier?Back to Top, below are examples which will show the method of calculating discount rate: Solved Examples, question 1: Ricky purchase the dress.Marked price is the normal price of the item without a discount.The discount rate means the interest rate.Here, Selling price is what you actually pay for the item.Then 2004th year that land sales 3000 dollars.