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Sweep pokemon

sweep pokemon

NB: Zoroark is revealed as Zoroark in Team Preview VGC Video Game Championships.
[email protected] Latias and Latios collectively.
OTR costo promo code photo Short for "Offensive Trick Room which commonly refers to a Pokemon that can set not only set up Trick Room, but also use it to sweep itself, instead of switching out to a teammate to sweep.SubSalac / SubLiechi / SubPetaya Substitute and either a Salac Berry, Liechi Berry, or Petaya Berry, respectively.AgiliGross Metagross with Agility.StallRein Walrein using Substitute and Protect under hail to stall for up to 32 turns.Blissey takes the special perfume online cheap uk attacks Skarmory can't take.Infernape Commonly referred to as: Nape, Ape.
The highest number of IVs a Pokemon can have in one stat.
Physical Sweeper A Pokemon who uses physically offensive moves to do damage and bring down an opponent's team.SubRoost Substitute and Roost.A DP OU team consisting of Flygon, Latias, Dragonite, Salamence, Magnezone, and Magneton would be considered a 4Drag2Mag team.BP Base Power of a move.Jirachi is an excellent utility Pokemon, as it is capable of functioning as an effective lead, a defensive supporter, or an offensive sweeper, both physical and special.Ferrothorn Commonly referred to as: Ferro, Thorn, Ferry Forretress Commonly referred to as: Forry.Heatran is resistant to Celebi's Dark-, Ice-, Bug-, Ghost-, and Flying-type weaknesses and is immune to its Fire-type weakness.A Pokemon who uses Aromatherapy or Heal Bell to cure itself and its team of status.Timid Nature, ability: LightningRod -Thunderbolt -Hidden Power Ice -Encore -Nasty Plot, with Light Ball boosting both your offenses, it can strike hard with its special attacks especially if it gets a boost with Lightning Rod.Baton Passer, a Pokemon who uses Baton Pass to pass the boosts it accumulates through setup moves such as Swords Dance and Agility to a more suitable teammate.