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Sweep the floor meaning

sweep the floor meaning

3 : to move over or across swiftly often with force or destruction Fire swept the village.
High winds sweep across the desert; She swept into my room without knocking on the door.Are you finished sweeping the porch?V n prep/adv, suddenly, she was swept along by thanksgiving basket giveaway dc 2017 the crowd.(transitive; foll by away or off) to overwhelm emotionally: she was swept away by his charm."range, extent 1670s, from sweep (v.).Elizabeth Mitchell, october 28, 2014, hordes of celebrants, swept by rain, surged over the five-year-old promo codes enterprise Brooklyn Bridge.
8 : to become suddenly very popular throughout It's a show that is sweeping the nation.( lit ) object apartar bruscamente.Wins everything that is available : Romania made a clean sweep of the medals.She swept the crumbs off walgreens coupon code photo 4x6 the table with her hand; The wave swept him overboard; Don't get swept away by ( become over-enthusiastic about) the idea!; She swept aside my objections.Published by Houghton Mifflin Company.V prep/adv 10 verb If a person or group sweeps an election or sweepsto victory, they win the election easily.a man who's promised to make radical changes to benefit the poor has swept the election.Get a broom and sweep up that glass will you?The past tense of sweep sweep /swip/ verb sweeps, sweeping, swept.( sweeps plural 3rd person present ) ( sweeping present participle ) ( swept past tense past participle ) 1 verb, if you sweep an area of floor or ground, you push dirt or rubbish off it using a brush with a long handle.